EQIS facility introduced for Bardhaman-Durgapur LS voters

Know the status of Queue in your polling station

Voters of Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok sabha seat, scheduled to exercise their voting rights on 30 April (Wednesday) could actually check the length of the queue at their polling station before stepping out to vote. In a first of its kind initiative in the state, the Burdwan district Election Authority has yesterday (25 April) introduced ‘Election Queue Information System (EQIS)’ to help ascertain the level of crowd in the polling booths on the respective days of polling.

Voters of Bardhaman-Durgapur and Bardhaman Purba Lok Sabha constituency who will vote on 30 April will be the first to reap the benefits. Voters of Asansol, the third and last constituency of Bardhaman district who will go into poll on 7 May will also be benefited from the exercise.

The DM, Burdwan, Dr Soumitra Mohan informed yesterday: “Any voter in the district can get the number of voters standing in the queue on the respective days of polling either by sending text messages from their cell phone or just by typing the Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) number in the Bardhaman district’s official portal www.bardhaman.nic.in to get the actual crowd status in the polling booth.”

Know the status of Queue in your polling station

The voters will have to type “bd” (without the invited comma) and then leaving a space type the EPIC number and send an SMS to 9230085005. Within minutes the voter will receive a SMS stating the number of voters in the queue in his polling station.

To know the actual crowd status in your respective polling booth you need to click HERE. And then type in your EPIC number at the designated place.

The EQIS facility has already been applied successfully in Chandigarh on 10 April this year when the people of Chandigarh exercised their adult franchise. The introduction of EQIS facility saw Chandigarh recorded its highest ever turnout of over 74 per cent. The district of Bardhaman in West Bengal will be the second place to adapt this facility.

The district of Bardhaman has 54, 19,533 voters who will cast their votes in 6784 polling booths. All the polling booths will have the EQIS facility.

The district incidentally also has introduced Geo Information System for Bardhaman. All the polling booths have been mapped in “Google Map” and voters can easily navigate their way to their respective polling station on their own.

For urban voters the district authority has arranged a handier tool to help ascertaining the booth crowd by introducing special android version application. To download this android application from Google Play Store, click HERE.

All this facilities is expected to see a further jump in voting turnout percentage in Bardhaman district which already ha the reputation of high voting percentage. A uniform voting speed and an identical queue is expected throughout the day on the polling date.

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