Everest summit dream of Durgapur mountaineer shattered

Everest Avalanche that killed 16 Sherpa Guides

Everest summit hope of Durgapur and its million residents got shattered after news agency reported that the Nepal’s Sherpa guides have decided to come down from Mount Everest base camp in the aftermath of an avalanche that killed 16 of them last week.

Paresh Chandra Nath – the physically challenged mountaineer from Durgapur who was on his maiden attempt to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain decided to return back. He was virtually left with no option but to return back from the base camp after the Sherpa guides called off their expeditions out of safety concerns following the deadly April 18 avalanche, and in protest at the compensation paid to the victims, which many say was too low.

You can have a look of the deadly avalanche that occurred on April 18 (Friday) morning at approximately 6:30 (Nepal time) killing 16 Sherpa’s by clicking HERE.

Everest Avalanche that killed 16 Sherpa Guides

News agencies have already reported that there was huge tension at the Everest base camp as frustrated mountaineers who have paid tens of thousands of dollars to climb the world’s highest peak faced disappointment due to such a decision by the guides.

However, for Paresh Chandra, the Durgapur mountaineer, frustration is all the more. He has virtually borrowed money from everywhere in pursuit of his dream of becoming the first physically challenged mountaineer from Bengal to reach the summit of Everest. According to the latest available news, Paresh Chandra Nath, the pride of Durgapur, will return to his hometown on 5 May.

When we spoke to him, he sounded highly disappointed and concerned about finding a way to repay the money he has borrowed from market. As we have earlier reported Paresh Chandra earns his living by doing tailoring jobs. In pursuit of reaching the Everest summit, he has borrowed about 7 Lakhs of rupees from market. He planned that once he succeed in reaching the Everest top, he will be able to return the money as sponsors will come pouring in.

But now, as he has to abandon the mission in the changed scenario, it is almost impossible for him to repay the borrowed amount. This may well be the end of his dream.

However, considering his indomitable spirit and never give-up attitude we may see him again giving a fresh try next year to make his dream a reality.

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