Explosive recovered in Durgapur ahead of Republic Day

Recovered explosives in Durgapur

Durgapur police have yesterday recovered a huge cache of explosives capable of producing about thousand bombs from a vehicle left abandoned near Muchipara on NH2. Recovery of such huge amount of explosives ahead of the Republic Day caused widespread panic among Durgapur residents. Even the police and administration were surprised by such a massive recovery of explosives.

The traffic policemen patrolling the Muchipara Crossing of Durgapur on NH2 observed a four-wheeler SUV stationed near the Muchipara Bridge for long hours. Suspecting something wrong the traffic policemen and a patrolling vehicle moved closer.

Recovered explosives in Durgapur

One of the wheels of the vehicle had been punctured and four people, including the driver, were seen trying to replace it. As the patrolling vehicle came closer, the four persons fled the spot. They, however, couldn’t be intercepted.

On checking the vehicle, the policemen were taken aback to find nearly 6,000 pieces of detonators and 90 kg high-grade explosives in the vehicle. The policemen then seized the vehicle and took it to the New Township police station of Durgapur.

The vehicle bearing a registration number of Chhattisgarh, was apparently heading towards Kolkata, as it was found on the Down lane of NH-2.

The explosives were kept in gunny bags that bore emblems of Durgapur Steel Plant and a Karnataka based sugar unit. Five of the gunny bags contained detonators, while the sixth bag had power gel.

Police sources suggested that the explosives might have been packed in Durgapur and were destined for some location in Kolkata. Though detonators are used in coal mines but those recovered from the vehicle yesterday are not the same.

The ADCP (East), Mr Sunil Yadav, said: “The number plate appears to be fake. We have initiated a probe into this.”
Recovery of such high grade explosives from the industrial town of Durgapur have taken everyone by surprise.

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