Family feud kills ECL miner at Jhanjra near Durgapur

A miner working with the Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL) – a CPSU subsidiary was killed by unidentified goons in his workplace in Jhanjra colliery near Durgapur on Monday (December 23). The incident created a sense of fear and raised concern on the safety aspect among miners.

Anandagopal Mondal (56), an electrical supervisor with ECL was found dead with his throat slit at his workplace inside the protected mine zone. Police suspect a family feud behind the murder and has arrested his son’s father-in-law.

At around 11 pm on Sunday night (December 22) Anandagopal went to the sub-station in the mine area with a co-worker Kartik Mondal. Four miscreants barged into the highly protected area which the security guard didn’t notice. The miscreants then attacked Anandagopal with sharp weapon. They stabbed him thrice, and then slit his throat. Kartik managed to escape, and later informed ECL’s security guards.

The incident occurred at 1 am. ECL official and other miners rushed to the spot immediately. Officials from the local Laudoha PS arrived.

The mine employees and police have raised questions on how miscreants sneaked into the protected site. All the labour unions have meanwhile demanded compensation and a job for one of the family kin by the earliest.

The police on preliminary investigation came to know that the deceased miner’s family had a long standing dispute with his son Sanjoy’s father-in– law Uttam Laha. Asansol Durgapur police commissioner (east), Sunil Yadav said that from primary investigation it seems to be fallout of family feud.

Meanwhile, Sanjoy’s wife has already filed a case against her father-in- law and her husband bringing charges of cruelty under Dowry Act (Section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code).

Sanjoy in a statement to the police stated: “They used to threaten us regularly; we suspect that my father – in–law had assigned goons to kill my father.”

The police have booked Uttam Laha, and initiated a probe. ECL authority has also begun a separate and independent probe over the killing of the miner.

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