Fest of GTBPS Durgapur – a grand success

The fest organized by Guru Teg Bahadur Public School (GTBPS) of Durgapur on 5th February was a grand success. This premier educational institute of Durgapur made it an occasion to remember. The kind of enthusiasm witnessed among the students community of Durgapur and their parents is something unprecedented.

Open Stage Cultural Programme

The fest was assigned the name “Feb Fest”. The fest opened at 02 pm and the mood of festivity continued till 10 pm. Though the open-stage cultural show hogged the lime light, but the art exhibition and science exhibition also drew large crowd. The cultural programme proved to  have provided the right platform for the students of the school to showcase their talent. The kind of enthusiasm and eagerness witnessed among students to perform in front of large crowd showed that the students of GTBPS and Durgapur, is well prepared to take the world in his or her stride. This kind of activity brings out the best out of a student, makes him stress free and all the more prepare him to face the world. The initiative taken by GTBP School of Durgapur, mingling festivity with fun and education is the first of its kind in this industrial town and needs to be applauded.
Art exhibition at GTBP School of Durgapur

The games stall and food stall, which forms an integral part of any fest saw large gathering of crowd.

In spite of all this fun filled and festive mood their was not a moment when students showed any sign of in-discipline. The teachers and students of GTBPS Durgapur deserves special round of applause for making the fest such a huge success.

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  1. ours is the best school of Durgapur. Our school has got best of the best teaching staff members who are supportive and friendly as well.


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