Fire at city centre of Durgapur

Gutted office at City Centre of Durgapur

Fire in an office at City Centre of Durgapur on Saturday night destroyed four computers and some furniture’s. The office of the private finance company which caught fire in the midnight is situated in the 2nd floor of a four-storied building at City Centre, which is the nucleus of Durgapur city’s administration.

Fire causing destruction at an office in durgapur

The building being located near the Durgapur fire services’ office, and because of prompt response from the firemen, fire was put under control in a quick time and damage was restricted. There were several other offices in the building, but due to sharp response from fire services, the fire didn’t spread to other offices of the building. The other offices, which were there in the building included, office of BSNL, West Bengal government’s regional labour office, Indian Railways, city booking counter, office of company visit, Bengal government’s tourism office. The ground floor of the building has restaurant, sweet shop and some Xerox shops as well.
Fire services officials said that under most likelihood, the cause of the fire is electrical short circuit. The officials of the financial company said that as most of their works are made online, so there were not much official documents inside the office. However, they are looking in details as to whether anything extremely important has been gutted.
This has been a second incident of fire within a week at the City Centre area of Durgapur. On 6th March, the Science and Energy Park near City Centre got partially gutted in a fire.

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