Five day chess camp at Durgapur

Grand Master Dibyendu Barua inaugurated a five-day chess camp at Durgapur yesterday. Named, “Pinnacle Shatranj” the chess camp has been organized by the Durgapur-based global IT engineering company; Pinnacle Infotech Solutions at its Bidhannagar headquarters here jointly with Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy of Kolkata.
At the inauguration Chess Grand Master, Dibyendu Barua simultaneously played with students from at least 50 schools. Speaking at the inauguration function, Mr. Barua said: “Businesses world heavily relies on human capital and their intellectual prowess, and one of the avenues to build such skills is definitely chess. And the game chase is simultaneously educative, entertaining and mind-developing. We expect the youth from Durgapur to earn laurels in the international arena, and we want to promote it.”
Mrs. Sapna Patwari, director of the company, said: “We value the importance of chess in shaping the intellect of a child. We have decided to promote chess in Durgapur as there is a lot of interest in the region but no avenues for proper coaching is available here.” Participants in the camp will be graded and trained subsequently for two days by FIDE – the World Chess Federation certified trainers, the organizers said.
This five day chess camp has generated a lot of enthusiasm among students and guardians alike. Most of the guardians opined that they believe the game of chess does help in sharpening intelligence. Simultaneously they thanked Pinnacle Infotech Solutions for such a nice effort and hope that the effort and good work should not die out here and continue in future as well.

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