Gautam Deb addresses election rally in Durgapur

Gautam Deb addressing the election rally at Chandidas Ground of Durgapur

Housing and Public Health Engineering minister in the previous West Bengal government, Gautam Deb while speaking to a strong 15000 crowd in Durgapur yesterday (April 19) asked the Trinamool Congress (TMC) supporters to cast their vote in favour of the CPI-M ‘just’ to send a warning to the TMC supremo, Miss Mamata Banerjee. In an election rally held at the Chandidas Ground in the Steel Township of Durgapur, the Left Front’s star campaigner was at his best.

Mr. Gautam Deb, CPI-M’s central committee member who is credited of creating New Town in Rajarhat, a planned township spread over 7,000 acres in West Bengal criticized about the way the government is being run. He slammed the Bengal government for not being able to bring even a single industry in the state in the last 36 months.

Gautam Deb addressing the election rally at Chandidas Ground of Durgapur

Mr. Deb was last to address the rally. Sk. Saidul Haque, the Left Front’s candidate for the Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok Sabha seat outlined as to why Left’s are indispensable for the economy and democracy of the country. Leaders of RSP, Forward Block, and CPI also addressed the gathering.

Former Durgapur Mayor, Rathin Roy presided the meeting. Santosh Deb Roy, the Durgapur 1B Zonal Secretary asked party cadres to ensure that people casts their own votes on the election day (April 30) as early as possible.

In the beginning of his speech Mr. Gautam Deb was highly vocal about the BJP and Modi. He said that a party which has got a maximum of twenty-five percent only once in last 52 years is day dreaming of forming a government. He even ridiculed the Congress for its anti-poor policies. Mr. Deb described elaborately as to why empowering the left will guarantee a government that will not be able to take anti-poor and anti-people stand.

Mr. Gautam Deb arrived at Durgapur after addressing another election rally in Panagarh near Durgapur. At the Panagarh rally, Mr Deb slammed Miss Mamata Banerjee and her party saying, “Wait and see how six to seven of her ministers, leaders would soon have to face the consequences and I am sure they would be grilled and the investigating officials have got enough evidences against them.” He added, “I ask her or her close associates to explain on what interest they were holding late night meetings with Sudipto Sen in a Kalimpong Bungalow and in the following day with another chit-magnet Gautam Kundu.”

In his archetypal style, Mr. Gautam Deb grabbed the opportunity of the political meetings, popularly known as the ‘Gautam Deb-show’ at Mitra Sangha Maidan in Panagarh and in Chandidas market locality in Durgapur, to ridicule Miss Mamata Banerjee’s paintings.

He said, “She claims that she never accepts donation for her party. I ask her; let me know how you run the party? Just by selling your paintings, which deserve a price worth mere Rs 5 price and the businessmen are forced to buy at Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 crore! Then he went on saying, “One industrialist, I know had gifted her painting to his driver while leaving a hotel just after buying it.”

In both the venues Mr Deb urged the TMC supporters to vote for the CPI-M. He urged TMC supporters to ask their Didi, as to what she has done for them.

The large crowd at both Durgapur’s Chandidas and Panagarh’s Mitra Sangha must have bolstered the Left leaders who are virtually leaving no stone unturned to guarantee a win for the party’s candidate of the seat, Sk. Saidul Haque.

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  1. I was present in the ground. It was a great experience. What he said and the way he spoke is just unforgettable.


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