Growing annoyance among Durgapur residents over poor city roads

Poor road condition and potholes have become a headache for residents of Durgapur. Hardly will one find a road in Durgapur which is free of potholes and in good shape. This pathetic road conditions has contributed to many road accidents in recent past.

There is no denying the fact that recent heavy monsoon in this part of the country has contributed largely to this very fast deterioration of the roads in Durgapur, but one should also not ignore the fact that there has been no maintenance of the roads under Durgapur Municipality area in the last one year. There was some repair job done before the Durgapuja but that was too little, too sporadic to give any relief.

One of the innumerable potholed roads of Durgapur

After much criticism Durgapur Municipality Corporation (DMC) has recently undertaken the job of repairing some of the busy roads that are in real bad shape. Though the effort is too little but at least it has begun.

The entire stretch of road that connects Bidhannagar locality of Durgapur with Benachity is in very poor condition. Repair of only a small portion of this road has begun a few days back and is going on at present. But this is not the only road that demands immediate attention.

There was even protests by local residents of City Centre area of Durgapur yesterday, demanding immediate repair of the Khudiram Sarani that stretches from Recol Park of City Centre and meets NH2 via DVC more. Recently the wheel of a public bus carrying passenger got dislodged after it fell on a huge pothole near the Energy Park on this very road. Some of the passengers were badly injured in the accident.

Mayor in Council Prabhat Chattopadhyay informed that the process to repair Khudiram Sarani has already been initiated and work will begin soon. He further added that Asansol Durgapur Development Authority will do the job and the cost has been estimated to be 16 lakhs.

Considering the fact that Durgapur is one of the fastest developing cities of Eastern India the present board of DMC perhaps needs to take a more active role to repair and maintain the roads of the city.

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