Growing cases of accident – concern for Durgapurians

News of accidents is quite common in Durgapur now-a-days. In the last five years Durgapur has witnessed a huge rise in population. The city is expanding in area as well. All this has resulted in a sizable increase in the number of vehicles hitting the road. The varied type of both two-wheelers and four-wheelers seen in today’s Durgapur clearly indicates that the financial and economic growth of the city.

Bhagat singh more of Durgapur

There has been a marked rise in road accidents in Durgapur. Those who keep their eyes on the local TV channels are well aware of these frequent incidents of road accidents. Though the city is developing at a fast pace but very little has been done to improve the traffic controlling system in the city. The fact that NH 2 bisects the city makes it more vulnerable to accidents. Apart from those places from where there is entry into the city from NH 2 no places have automated traffic signaling system.
One of the places which witnesses frequent road accident is the Bhagat Singh more. It is the junction of the road that connects BhagatSingh Marg with City Centre and Bidhan Nagar with steel township. The more is very close to Michael Madhsudan College. The place is one of the busiest roads of the city of Durgapur. But unfortunately there is no traffic controlling system at all. During college and office time traffic in the area becomes so unruly that every now and then road accidents from minor to major category occur. Michael Madhusudan College is one of the premier colleges of the city remains crowded during college hours; moreover it being the entry of city centre from Steel Township makes the place very crowded.
Concerned authority needs to do something to arrest the number of road accident cases. Immediate attention need to be taken at this crossing.

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  1. In response to this article posted, as a fellow Durgapurian and also as a Safety Professional I want to describe these accidents or incidents in different manner. Now a days road traffic has increased three to four times or more than before and all are in hurry to reach their destination,to cope up with their busy schedule and for this they are ignoring the basic civic senses while driving or while crossing a busy road.
    People are driving in wrong lanes to cuttle the fuel cost and creating nuisance for others.Basically if we drive safely and within speed limit and try to maintain minimum road rules which were taught to us from our very childhood then we can avoid a large number of accidents.
    And last of all my message to all motorist is-"Dear motorist it is better to be late,than to be a Late motorist."


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