GS of INTTUC at DPL once again accused of threatening

INTTUC’s General Secretary (GS) at the state-run Durgapur Projects Limited (DPL) has been accused of threatening the GS of INTUC. However, this is not the first time that the GS of INTTUC at DPL, Mr. Debdas Majumdar has been alleged for such act.

Mr Dibyendu Banerjee, GS of INTUC, the labour wing of Congress, has complained about the matter to the DPL officials seeking immediate action.

Mr Banerjee alleged: “I was on duty and went to meet the DGM (Personnel & Administration) to discuss as to how the company has been losing ground on power generation, distribution and revenue sector. The minute I left his chamber, Mr Majumdar attacked me and started abusing me.”

INTUC’s GS further added: “I know, I will have to face heat from Mr. Debdas Majumdar and his men if I don’t reverse my stance on issues like giving extension of superannuated officers in DPL. Mr Maumdar is desperately trying to secure his extension after his scheduled superannuation on 31 January.”

Mr. Banerjee further alleged at a press conference yesterday: “Six senior executives those have retired from their services in other plants have been re-deployed in plum posts in DPL. The trade unions cannot raise their voice against such practices as the new state government has prohibited joint management committee meetings in DPL.”

The INTTUC’s General Secretary, Mr Debdas Majumdar who is likely to be superannuated in January next year, refuted all the the charges. He claimed: “Mr Banerjee was misleading the officials and was trying to camouflage the actual crisis. His political identity is also in question.”

As per the labour front’s bye laws, a retired employee won’t be able to hold the post as a GS of the union. Mr Debdas Majumdar’s son, Mainak is a contractual security staff with the DPL and he too is not eligible to occupy his father’s chair.

The DGM (Personnel & Administration), DPL, Mr Tito Deb, told reporters: “I was informed that Mr Dibyendu Banerjee, GS of INTTUC has lodged a complaint but the complaint is yet to reach my office. The authority may be expected to take the matter seriously, considering the magnitude of the charges.”

Mr Majumdar was accused of attacking DPL managing director Mriganka Majumdar at his office chamber on 29 October this year. Following the Chief Security officer’s detailed report on the assault, the DPL authorities had already issued a show-cause notice to Mr Majumdar.

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