Increasing cases of bike theft in Durgapur


The rising incidents of car and bike thefts in Durgapur have become a matter of serious concern for not only the people of Durgapur but also for Asansol-Durgapur police. Even according to police report, there has been an average of 10 incidents of bike theft and 1 incident of car theft every month in Durgapur.

More importantly, police has not been able to nab the culprits in most of the cases. Though ADCP (East), Mr. Sunil Yadav reported that they have been able to detain one of the gang head of a car and bike theft racket from Bankura but has not been able to make much headway.


Police sources reveal that in 2012 there has been official report of 140 incidents of bike theft. In the recently concluded year of 2013, the number had been slightly lower. In October and November 2013, there have been reports of 22 cases of bike theft in Durgapur.

On the night of 17 December 2013, two four-wheelers were stolen from Durgapur City Centre. Both the vehicles were parked in open space at night. Police has not been able to arrest anyone in the case.

Recently police of Durgapur’s Coke Oven police station arrested a person named Raju Kewra from Bandhkana of Bankura’s Beliatore. Police claims that Raju has been associated with a car and bike theft racket. Police further said that Raju has himself said that he acted as “Receiver” and “Lifter” of the bike theft racket that has been active in the Durgapur belt.

A police official revealed that they have been able to retrieve to motorcycle from the Shyampur locality of Durgapur. He further said that acting on the tip off from Raju Kewra, they will now try to arrest other members of the automobile theft racket.

This recent rise in incidents of growing crime rate in Durgapur has made the people of the city feel insecure.

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