Infighting within Durgapur Trinamool Congress on foundation day


Rift within the Durgapur Trinamool Congress came to the forefront on its “Foundation Day” on 1st January. Fight between two rival factions of the party over the issue of flag hoisting on its “Foundation Day” injured at least twenty party supporters. Two severely injured were admitted in Durgapur Sub-divisional hospital.

News report suggests that local Trinamool leader of Durgapur’s Bidhannagar Vambey Colony Bhim Mondal, hoisted the party flag at the party office in Bidhannagar early in the morning. Mondal was accompanied by party supporters owing loyalty to him.


After Mondal left the party office, another local Trinamool leader Nikhil Mukhopadhyay came to the same party office with supporters loyal to him and tried to bring down the flag hoisted earlier by Vim Mondal, to re-hoist the party flag. On this some Trinamool supporters who were present at the party office and nearby tea stall protested leading to severe fighting. At least 20 Trinamool supporters belonging to both the factions were injured; however two of them were bleeding profusely.

The fight took an ugly turn and police had to intervene to stop the fighting. Both the factions of Durgapur Trinamool Congress lodged written complaint with the police accusing each other.

Sukanta Majhi, loyal to Bhim Mondal and Hridoy Sain, loyal to Nikhil Mukhopadhyay had to be admitted to the nearby Durgapur Sub-divisional hospital. Majhi was however released later.

According to Trinamool sources, two factions – one led by Vim Mondal owning allegiance INTTUC (labour wing of Trinamool Congress) district president Prabhat Chatterjee and the other led by Nikhil Mukhopadhyay owning loyalty to Durgapur MLA and Mayor Mr Apurba Mukherjee are at constant loggerhead over various issues.

Maenwhile police has detailed two Trinamool supporters.

However Durgapur Trinamool Congress leadership has undermined the incident and declined to term it as party infighting.

Mr. Prabhat Chatterjee declined to comment over the issue as it is related to the party and not the labour wing, of which he is the district president.

Mr. Apurba Mukherjee has however said that he has heard the matter and has asked the police to take stern action against the offender.

With factional feuds within the Durgapur Trinamool Congress on the rise this kind of infighting will only weaken the party’s prospect in coming Lok Sabha election, feels observer.

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