Kennel in Durgapur – an essentiality

Durgapur, the Steel City of Bengal is growing in leaps and bounds. According to an article published in “The Outlook” magazine, Durgapur is one of the 20 fastest growing cities of India. The news is really something which will make every people of Durgapur (i.e Durgapurians) proud.
But there are certain aspects which Durgapurians must look into, so as to make Durgapur a city to reckon. One such aspect which is quite heartening to note is that the city does not have a Kennel.
Dogs are certainly the best friend that man can have. So we being a responsible citizen needs to care for this faithful animal. Though there was a Kennel in ABL township quite a few years ago, but presently Durgapur does not have a Kennel. A Kennel is an essentiality to look into pet dogs when the master is out of the city for some days.
I hope that someone of this caring city of Durgapur should come up with a modern Kennel on a commercial basis. Not only will the dog loving citizen of Durgapur will heave a sigh of relief, the most faithful friend of man will also find a temporary shelter.

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7 Comments on Kennel in Durgapur – an essentiality

  1. I had rescued a kitten a few weeks ago it's mother left him at my doorstep now I stay at a rented place and I'm hiding him from my landlord I've litter trained him and is travel friendly but my problem arises that I won't be able to hide him for long he longs to roam outside but I won't be able to let him do that as I don't allow him that he gets a bit lonely I just want a loving home for it a permanent home.I really love my baby but I can't keep him with myself if somebody helps me out in providing him with a home I'll be so grateful I live in bidhannagar durgapur please if anyone is willing to help or can direct me towards it plz mail me

  2. Dear Sir,
    One of our street dog has been got hurt by motorcycle and because of that it has entered in a drainage and got stuck. We can't take it out we have tried our best.
    So tomorrow the man who lives near that drainage decided to block the drainage holes so that dog die.
    I want a prompt action sir please rescue the dog.
    Supratim Kabiraj
    Mahabir Marg

  3. Dear Sir, I have a puppy who is very sick and need help, when I have talked to doctors they just rejected to visit him as he was a stray. I need help to save him , he is 3 months old, he used to live in the compound of our home. please help me anyone

  4. We have two dogs at home , it is becoming difficult for my parents to look after them , kindly suggest where could I keep them so that they can be looked after properly .

  5. Dear Sibasish.Pls accept my heartfelt congratulation for your endevour.I will be the first to come to your side for any type of possible help.I myself & my wife are, avid animal lovers.We appreciate your activities & expect to here from you as soon as possible.Pls mail me at your convenience.

  6. Dear Guys, I am a dog lover and excited to late you know we are in verge of opening an central govt registered PETSHOP & Kennel at durgapur. which is going to be the third registered shop in east after kolkata and jamshedpur.

    We would be supplying highest quality working and toy breeds of K9 and cats with foreign birds with obvious standard K9 accommodation & primary health care.

    It is taking a little time to get the licence from central govt.

    But with ur support surly we will be fill the gap soon


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