Left delegation meet SDO Durgapur over new district creation

Delegation of Left parties meet SDO Durgapur at his City Centre ofice

Durgapur News Desk, 20 January 2017: Yesterday, a delegation of the joint forum of 13 Left organizations submitted a memorandum to the Sub Divisional Officer, Durgapur, demanding an all-party meeting before finalizing the boundaries of the two new districts to be formed by bifurcating Burdwan, the biggest district of Bengal now.

One might remember, that on 18 December 2016, Mamata Banerjee led Bengal government cleared the deck for setting up of five new districts – Kalimpong, Basirhat, Sunderbans, Jhargram and Burdwan industrial. These five new districts will increase the number of districts of Bengal to 25. Earlier on 25 June 2016, Alipuduar became the 20th district of the state after it was curved out of Jalpaiguri.

According to the proposal cleared by Bengal cabinet, the existing district of Burdwan will cease to exist and two new districts, Burdwan (Rural) and Burdwan (Industrial) will be formed by splitting the district of Burdwan. The sub-division of Asansol and Durgapur is going to be the part of the Burdwan (Industrial) district.

The team of delegation strongly opposed the talk of dividing the area that falls under the Durgapur Sub Division. Administrative sources has revealed that Kanksa and Budbud police stations which is till now under the jurisdiction of Durgapur Sub Divisional Court will fall under the Burdwan (Rural) district after the district bifurcation officially takes place in April this year. Also there has been talk of Raniganj becoming a new sub-division. And if it happens then Andal and Pandaveswar police stations might come under the new sub-division of Raniganj.

The fact that Durgapur sub-division loosing areas under Kanksa, Budbud, Andal and Pandaveswar will automatically diminish the importance of Durgapur, feels many. The delegation team while submitting the memorandum expressed their displeasure and objected to any decision being taken without prior consultation with all the political parties.

SDO Durgapur has assured that the demand will be given an air to higher administrative officials at Nabanna, the current administrative headquarter of Bengal.

Durgapur bar Association has already on a seven day ‘cease work’ protesting against any such move of reducing the areas under Durgapur sub-division.

On behalf of the delegation team of 13 Left parties, CPI(M) leader Pankaj Roy Sarkar while talking to media persons after meeting the SDO Durgapur at City Centre, divulged their course of movement in coming days to protest the idea of reducing the areas under Durgapur sub-division. He informed that on 18 February, in as many as 50 places in Durgapur ‘oath’ will be read out to preserve the areas under the Durgapur sub-division. On 5 March, human wall be formed by common people of Durgapur to fight it out against any steps being taken to reduce the importance of the Durgapur sub-division.

Though the Left parties has worked a comprehensive plan to resist any attempt being taken to diminish the areas under Durgapur sub-division, TMC leaders are yet to express their views in public on the whole issue.

One might also remember that earlier there were talks that the new district to be formed by bifurcating the Burdwan district will be named Asansol and Durgapur sub-division will be part of it. But rising protest from all corners of the Durgapur town saw that the new district being named Burdwan (Industrial).

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