Marconi Dakshinpalli Durgapuja 2010

Marconi Dakshinpalli Durgapuja in its 50th year has depicted the Angkor Wat temple of Cambodia. The ruins of the original temple have been represented in such detail that is awe inspiring. The whole atmosphere of the Puja Pandal has a calmness which has been maintained well inspite of the maddening crowd.
The deep voice in the background narrating the history and story of Angkor Wat temple is really satisfying and mind blowing. Thermocole work inside the pandal is undoubtedly the best of its kind. The work is in such details that has hardly any comparison. The overall artistry of the pandal deserves the highest of honour.
A visit to this puja may create a sense of dissatisfaction when other puja’s are seen as this is by far the best organized puja of the entire Durgapur. But one must ignore this thought and plunge into the beauty of Marconi Puja Pandal and be proud to be a Durgapurian.

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3 Comments on Marconi Dakshinpalli Durgapuja 2010

  1. Wow! it is so exited and nice Pujo. I know it because my home town is also in Durgapur. I think many guest are coming to enjoy this prestigious pujo and so many cultural programmes are organized. Now this year who and which pujo got the first prize?


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