Matix fertiliser at Panagarh ready for commercial production

Matix Fertiliser and Chemical unit at Panagarh in Durgapur

Durgapur News Desk, 17 March 2017: By the end of this month, Eastern India’s biggest fertiliser factory, Matix Fertiliser and Chemical Plant in Panagarh just 15 kilometers from Durgapur will likely to commence commercial production, giving something to cheer for the ailing industrial scenario in Bengal.

This will put West Bengal back on the country’s fertiliser map after almost 20 years. The State stopped producing fertiliser in 1997, when shutters were pulled down on the naphtha-based Durgapur facility of Hindustan Fertiliser Corporation.

Incidentally the boiler of the Datamatics group’s Matix’s urea plant was fired in July last year, but uncertainty over steady Coal Based Methane (CBM) gas supply has led to the delay in beginning commercial production.

This certainly will be something which chief minister Mamata Banerjee will showcase during her likely visit to Katowice in Poland to attend the European Economic Congress (EEC) between 10 to 12 May this year scouting for investment in the state. In the past however, her visit to UK, Germany, Italy and Singapore hunting for investors failed miserably.

Already INR 6000 crore has been invested to set up this much-hyped greenfield project on 480 acres of land at Panagarh Industrial Park, which everyone travelling between Durgapur and Kolkata by bus or train must have seen.
The land acquisition for the project had taken place during the Left Front rule in Bengal and work for the project was started way back in 2008.

Already, a 54 MW captive power plant has started functioning within the factory complex. Matix will use 80 percent of the total Coal Based Methane (CBM) gas produce by Essar Oil’s CBM exploration facility in Raniganj, 30 kilometres away. 30 kilometres long pipeline has already been laid.

Every day, about 2200 tonnes of urea will be produces in the Matix Fertiliser and Chemical Plant.

There is a 25 year gas supply and purchase agreement between the Essar Oil and Gas and Matix group. The West Bengal government will be getting INR 2500 crore royalty from Essar for the next 25 years due to the exploration.

Every year, about 1.3 million tonnes of urea will be produced in the factory. Most of the urea fertiliser is imported to India from abroad at present and the annual shortfall is over 32 percent in the country. Naptha and Methane will be used as raw materials for the urea production at the Matix unit in Panagarh.

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