Mega carnival at Junction mall Durgapur

Junction Shopping Mall at Durgapur will be the most happening place of the town from today (16th April) to 20th April. The new mall is hosting a mega carnival on the occasion of Bengali New Year. Though the mall is yet to be fully operational, yet this carnival will definitely be an occasion to celebrate, have fun and be proud for this mega-sized mall.

Junction mall of Durgapur - inside view

On 16th April (Saturday), there will be Juggling Show, Magic Show, Sit and Draw Competition, Muffets activity and many other such events.
On 17th April (Sunday), there will be cooking games and contest, Fashion Mania, Performance by singer Mou Mukherjee and Tarrot Reading.
On 18th April (Monday), there will be Beauty Workshop by Head Turner, Dance Contest, Mop Dancers, Tarrot Reading and other related events.
On 19th April (Tuesday), there will be Musical Quiz, Talent Hunt and performance by Raghab.
On 20th April (Wednesday), there will be Boul Sangeet, Bengal’s own traditional folk music. Also there will be performance by musical band Kalpurush. At the end of all this there will be firework show.
Apart from all these above mentioned events, there will be shows by Caricature artists, Tattoo artists and Mehendi in all the days. Even there is a chance to meet some members of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) who will be present in the mall.
So, opening of Junction Mall has opened up a new horizon for the fun loving people of Durgapur who were too thirsty to have a taste of the latest fashion trends and other activities to make life colourful and enjoyable.

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  1. I like this mall. It's look is very fine. location is good. I think it is the number 1 of mall in durgapur .


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