Mishap kills young Durgapur Steel Plant executive

Anirban and his family

Durgapur News Desk, 18 July 2018: Anirban Sinha Babu , the 31 year old Assistant Manager of Durgapur Steel Plant, an unit of the Mahartna PSU SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) was killed today at around 11 am when his head got smashed by a metallic bar weighing a tonne which was moving at a high speed.

Anirban’s head was smashed beyond recognition. Rushed to the plant’s emergency medical unit and then to the plant hospital, he was declared dead on arrival by physicians.

Anirban was part of the mechanical team comprising of engineers and technicians entrusted with the job of readying a bloom-cum-round caster machine at the continuous casting plant – in which steel bloom bars are produced from liquid steel. This is a everyday process, as after casting of certain amount of steel to bloom, the machine gets out of order and has to be refurbished.

He had put his head in to see why the Dummy bar was not getting into motion, when it suddenly moved up, hitting his face. He was not wearing a hard hat at the time, however that would not have offered any protection from this high speed moving iron bar.

Babu, a resident of Durgapur C-Zone locality, had completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree from a private engineering college in the town, after completing his CBSE plus two examinations from the Hem Sheela Model School. He started working at the plant just four years ago.

His wife, a school teacher in Raiganj, rushed to Durgapur with their 18-month-old daughter after knowing about the incident.

Anirban’s elderly parents, who used to stay with him in the company’s quarters at the steel township, went to the hospital after being informed of the accident. The mother lost consciousness on several occasions.

The plant management has constituted a three-member inquiry committee, headed by a general manager, to ascertain the cause of the accident and suggest necessary measures to prevent recurrence.

One might remember, that this is the fourth incident of death in last one year in Durgapur Steel Plant and at least 15 have been injured in this period.

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