Missing miner body found in sitting posture from inside pit

Crowd gathers outside the miner's house

Body of the missing ECL (Eastern Coalfields Limited) surveyor was found by rescue workers inside Khas Kajora colliery in Durgapur’s Andal in the early hours yesterday (30 January). The ECL miner Panchkori Nandi (57) who has been working in the surveyor post was reported missing from the mine since Tuesday (January 28).

The body of Panchkori Nandi was found by Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) personnel in between two boulders on the 13th level of the underground mine in a sitting position, nearly 250 ft. inside the Khas kajora colliery. His shirt, shoes and socks were found beside the body.

Crowd gathers outside the miner’s house

“It is apparent that he had removed his shirt, shoe and shocks because of the intense heat. We smelt rotten flesh and traced Nandi’s body.” A member of the rescue team said.

An ECL official said that the temperature of the place where Nandi was found was 45 degree Celcius and miner generally avoid going there.

Four other miners who accompanied Nandi on the fateful day had told him to take rest a little distance from the pocket after Nandi complained of uneasiness and was having problems breathing. But when the team returned after their survey, he was missing.

The source said that the team members should have called the lift and sent Nandi to the surface after he complained of uneasiness.

Nandi’s son lodged a police complaint on Wednesday evening alleging that his father had been abducted and perhaps murdered. Acting on the complaint police had detained the three miners who accompanied Nandi for interrogation.
Over 100 coalminers demonstrated on Wednesday at the colliery office and the office of the general manager of the Kajora mining area near Durgapur in phases since morning demanding that ECL trace Nandi soon.

The body had been sent for postmortem.

Meanwhile ECL authorities have handed over appointment letter to Nandi’s son.

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