Mohun Bagan camping at Durgapur now

Mohun Bagan, the oldest Indian football club is in Durgapur now for a one week residential camp here. Camping at Durgapur is not a new affair for this leading club of India, as they are running a joint venture football academy at Durgapur named Mohun Bagan – SAIL football academy, in association with SAIL. In July 2012, Mohun Bagan had a pre-season conditioning camp at Durgapur.
After being suspended for a the season in I-league, Mohun Bagan is already under pressure and hence a conditioning camp outside the city will definitely help them to get away from the scene and to focus on the game. McDowell Mohun Bagan reached Durgapur on 7th January and had their training from yesterday, i.e. 8th January.
On the very first day of their camp, they had two training session. One in the morning which consisted of physical training, endurance training, defensive practice and set-piece movement practice. In the afternoon session, there was mainly situation practice. Chief Coach Karim Bencherifa discussed and illustrated a couple of formations to the players and explained the role of the players in each position.
Meanwhile, after McDowell Mohun Bagan made an appeal under Section 11 of the I league Regulations to the Executive Committee of All India Football Federation to review their case, the All India Football Federation Executive Committee meeting will be held on January 15, 2013, where the fate of McDowell Mohun Bagan in I league will likely be decided.
Speaking on the objective of their residential camp at Durgapur, Chief Coach Karim Bencherifa said that that there are 3 main objectives behind the residential camp. “Firstly, at the present scenario, there is a bit of pressure on the team. I want them to get away from the scene and to focus on the game. Secondly, I will have more time to work on the fitness of the players as well as work on the game plan. Right now, I have a couple of game plans on my mind which I would like to work with the players. Lastly, I need to regroup the team together and I think a short residential camp would serve my purpose.” Karim Bencherifa further said, “Our next match is in mid January, so I decided to take the players for a short residential camp in Durgapur where I will get time to regroup the team. The good thing is that right now except one, all the other players are fit. Also to get out of the gloomy atmosphere, I am trying to make the training session a bit interesting and I think players will enjoy the training.
During yesterday’s practice, Tolgay suffered a minor injury in his left ankle but is expected to be back in practice within 1-2 days. Karim Bencherifa said, “There is nothing serious about Tolgay’s injury. He should be okay within 1-2 days.”

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