Mohun Bagan pre-conditioning camp at Durgapur

McDowell Mohun Bagan football team is currently in Durgapur for their preseason conditioning camp. Receiving a lesson from last few years’ ordeals, Mohun Bagan, this year, has accorded adequate emphasis on the necessity of Pre-Season Training Camp, which, according to experts, plays a pivotal role in building an environment of unity, integrity and solidarity in a team. At the chosen venue of Sahid Bhagat Sing Stadium this pre-season training is going on at full swing. For the past few years Mohun Bagan does have a conditioning camp at Durgapur not only because the city provides a good base for the team, but also because to boost its joint venture football academy at Durgapur named Mohun Bagan – SAIL football academy.

Tolgay at Mohun bagan practice at Durgapur

The football enthusiasts of Durgapur are flocking at the Shahid Bhagat Singh Stadium in large numbers to watch their dream footballers practicing. This is indeed a great opportunity for not only the supporters of Mohun Bagan, but also the young footballers of Durgapur to have a glimpse of how nationally acclaimed footballers practice. Residential players of Mohun Bagan – SAIL academy of Durgapur are getting a rare chance to watch the iconic footballers of Mohun Bagan practice the art of football from close quarters. Here it must be mentioned, that quite a few of the academy boys have played for Mohun Bagan and others teams of I-league.
Every alternate day team is having 2 sessions of practice in Shahid Bhagat Singh Stadium, near city centre, whereas on other days the players are having 1 gym session and in afternoon they are training in the ground. The newly appointed chief coach Santosh Kashyap is bringing a lot of varieties in the training sessions as a result of which the players are enjoying the practice to their fullest. Meanwhile, Mehrajuddin Wadoo has joined the residential camp in Durgapur. The 2 foreigners, Stanley Okoroigwe (arrived today afternoon in Kolkata) and Anyichie Echezona (will be arriving tomorrow evening) will start their practice in Durgapur from Monday.

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