Newly wedded Durgapur girl complains against mother


In an unprecedented incident a newly wedded bride in Durgapur complains against her own mother. The groom alleged that his newly wedded wife was forced to drink water laced with sedatives by his mother-in-law in front of cops at Kanksa police station near Durgapur.

Mrs Neesha Prasad Dutta (26), the newly married housewife was taken to the Panagarh block hospital, which again referred her to Mission Hospital in Durgapur yesterday. The physicians at the super-specialty private hospital said that her condition was stable and she was traumatised fearing forceful return to her parents.


Neesha, a teacher with a private school, after a two-year’s affair with a businessman Arindam Dutta of Panagarh had a registry marriage with Arindam on 27 December, 2013. The marriage was not approved by Neesha’s parents. Dutta’s family however raised no objection and arranged a reception party on 23 January, 2014.

Mr Bharat Prasad, Neesha’s father, lodged a complaint with the Kanksa PS on 23 January alleging that Arindam had eloped with their daughter.

Kanksa police, acting on this information, brought Neesha to the Police Station where her mother was waiting.
According to Arindam’s mother Mrs Bina Dutta, who accompanied Neesha to the police station, Neesha’s mother repeatedly tried convince Neesha to go back with them. Neesha refused. She further alleged: “Her mother then forced her to drink water mixed with some unknown substance and Neesha fainted in the presence of the second officer and a constable of the PS.”

Mrs Bina Dutta has lodged a complaint with the SP, Burdwan office, yesterday, accusing the police of highhandedness.
Neesha echoed the words of her husband and mother-in-law. She said that she denied to return to her parents and claimed that her parents were trying to mislead the police.

Police meanwhile has initiated a probe into the matter.

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