NIT Durgapur on list of colleges with most ragging cases

National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, has been placed in the top brackets of colleges where the menace of ragging continues to haunt the newcomers. NIT Durgapur has been ranked third in the list prepared by the United Grant Commission (UGC) based on the number of ragging complaints received by it in the last four years.

NIT Durgapur main entrance gate

The 24-hour anti-ragging helpline set up by the UGC in 2009 to receive, register and follow up on ragging complaints has received as many as 15 complaints of ragging from NIT Durgapur in the last four years. The two others ranked above NIT Durgapur are the technical college of Benaras Hindu University and the Government Polytechnic College, Jhansi, both in Uttar Pradesh.

The lists, which rank 10 institutes according to the number and gravity of the cases registered on the 24-hour anti-ragging helpline, are being sent to the UGC. The commission is likely to launch an investigation against the administrations by the month-end.

A total of 439 universities and 1241 colleges were considered by the helpline team for investigation. A little over a month ago, the helpline had published a report which showed Bengal to be the second most ragging-prone state in the country after UP.

As things stand, a UGC team led by anti-ragging activist Raj Kachroo will soon start visiting the campuses that feature on the two lists and start dialogues with the administration and students. “The administrations of NIT need sensitization and I will have to sit with them and find out where things are going wrong,” said Kachroo to the media.

Director of NIT Durgapur, Tarakeshwar Kumar however said: “I don’t think my campus is as notorious as it is being made out to be. I won’t deny that complaints come in now and then, but they are dealt with immediately,” he said.

One may recall that on August 21 squabble over the issue of whether new comers should face ragging or not saw a second-year electronics engineering student of NIT allegedly stabbing his batchmate. Sources said that the second year student who allegedly stabbed his batchmate had become the butt of taunts among other students after he opted out of ragging in his first year and was put in the “zone-out” category by his seniors.

Students in the NIT who participate in the ragging process are put in the “zone- in” category and are helped by seniors, but those who opt out, belong to the group of “zone-out” and are looked down upon and are not even consider a member of the NIT student’s family. They become laughing stock.

After this serious report it to be seen where the NIT authority changed its mindset and takes concrete steps to wipe out its name from such lists which will make a make a bad name for them.

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2 Comments on NIT Durgapur on list of colleges with most ragging cases

  1. This is to remind and draw attention of the management of NIT Durgapur that ragging is still continuing seriously and the fresher at hall no 11 are the victims. They are being physically assaulted inside the campus. In violation of the UGC guidelines the hostel wardens are not staying near to the hostel. The seniors are getting encouraged because of the callous attitude of the management towards the horrible problem. It is high time that the college management should take action to prevent this. For each instance of ragging college management is responsible. It is heartening to note that a news channel is making a string operation on this matter. The days are not far off when the college management will be exposed.

  2. This is to inform to the college management of NIT Durgapur that ragging is going on very seriously in the campus. Mainly second year students are involved. All the students of Andhra Pradesh state are mainly suffering from this problem. College management should take preventive measures to avoid this. If any thing goes wrong college management is responsible for this. Please avoid ragging.


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