No meal for Durgapur ESI Hospital patients

Durgapur ESI Hospital

The Durgapur ESI Hospital witnessed a major ruckus as the patients were not served meals for the day. Trouble broke out after the odd 120 patients of the ESI Hospital located in Bidhannagar locality of Durgapur didn’t get their stipulated lunch yesterday (April 23).

The ESI Hospital or Employees’ State Insurance Hospital is situated at Bidhannagar to serve the workers of small factories as well as their family members with medical facilities.

The inconvenience was caused because the private contractor engaged for the purpose of supplying two meals in a day failed to do so. The contractor, according to the hospital authority, was assigned to ensure lunch and dinner of the patients for a period of two years.

Durgapur ESI Hospital

The patients and their aggrieved families were seen screaming for food in the afternoon. The hospital authority allegedly remained unperturbed till the family members threatened to organize bigger protests.

The Durgapur ESI Hospital authority however denied such allegation. The hospital authority, considering the state of affairs, issued a show-cause to Mr Nirmal Chatterjee, the accused contractor.

Trouble further cropped up when Dr Shovon Panda, the hospital superintendent, allegedly asked the patients and their family members to bring the matter into the knowledge of the state government.

Later, Dr Panda however made a temporary arrangement by providing loafs of bread to the aggrieved patients.
“The contractor could not be contacted despite of several attempts and the authority was planning to go for a fresh tender inviting participation of the food suppliers,” said, Dr Panda.

The workers engaged by Mr Shovon Chatterjee, to help supplying food also complained that they have not been given their respective wages since last couple of months.

Even if the Durgapur ESI Hospital authority calls a fresh tender, the situation will most likely to remain as the same sorry state of affairs for quite some days and the patients will have to bear the burden of it.

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