Nobel Laureate visits Durgapur

Dr. Deisenhofer at a seminar

Durgapur – the steel city of Bengal is proud to welcome the Nobel Laureate Dr. Johann Deisenhofer. Dr. Deisenhofer, a German biochemist along with Hartmut Michel and Robert Huber, received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1988 for their determination of the structure of a membrane-bound complex of proteins and co-factors that is essential to photosynthesis.
This famous Nobel Laureate came to Durgapur on a three day tour along with his wife on an invitation from Dr. Rabindra Nath Roy who is the professor of Drury University. This is the second time that this Nobel Prize winning scientist came to Durgapur, one of the fastest growing cities of India. People of Durgapur must give special thanks to Dr. Roy for bringing this famous German scientist to this steel town.
Dr. Roy is the chief patron and architect of Hem Sheela Model School of Durgapur. Dr. Roy, born in Benachity of Durgapur invited Dr. Deisenhofer to Durgapur to inaugurate a science exhibition in the school. Seeing this famous Nobel Prize winning scientist from close quarter and speaking with him had been a great learning experience for the students of this top-ranked school of Durgapur. Professor Roy had the opportunity to work with this Nobel Prize winning scientist while both of them were in Texas University.
Dr. Johann Deisenhofer also attended a seminar on Structural Biology at the Central Mechanical Research Institute (CMERI) of Durgapur on 14th December. The CMERI auditorium was almost full to watch this Nobel Prize winner and hear his lecture on the importance of Structural Biology in human life and scope in the field. Mr. Goutam Biswas, present head of CMERI of Durgapur felicitated Dr. Deisenhofer and gave him thanks for coming to Durgapur.

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