One factory one INTTUC union after GM assault case

Work at normal pace in Jai Balaji industries of Durgapur

Trinamool Congress and its trade union wing INTTUC, seems to have taken a lesson from the incident of Jai Balaji Industries in Durgapur. After the name of Ashim Pramanik, the General Secretary of INTTUC at the Jai Balaji’s Steel unit at Durgapur surfaced in the attack on the Jai Balaji General Manager, the labor union’s district and state leadership seemed to have distanced itself from Mr. Pramanik.
It may be recalled that on Saturday evening at around 8.30 pm Arun Thatoi, GM (Electrical) of Jai Balaji Industries at Banskopa of Durgapur, was attacked and beaten up by 10-15 masked men at his apartment in Saptarshi Park of Bidhan Nagar. Thatoi had to be admitted to the Mission Hospital in Durgapur; however, he was released on Sunday evening. In this incidence fingers were being pointed at the Trinamool’s labor union INTTUC, because its supporters had held up executives of the steel company at the office a few hours before the attack. On Saturday, over 200 INTTUC supporters led by Ashim Pramanik, secretary of the Balaji Permanent Workers’ Union, a unit detained 25 senior executives, including Thatoi to protest the delay of salary payment.

MD Rajib Jajodia with CMD Aditya Jajodia

Initially Trinamool tried to disown Ashim Pramanik as the leader of its labor union in Jai Balaji Industries, but when Mr. Pramanik claimed himself to be the general secretary of INTTUC in the plant and showed media persons the affiliation certificate from INTTUC, truth became clear. M. Pramanik also pointed towards factionalism within its labor union and claimed that, “Prabhat Chatterjee is trying to put his followers in place of me as I belong to his rival camp. I have become a scapegoat.”
To end factionalism and inter factional rivalry in the union, Trinamool leadership under the instruction of Mamata Banerjee is taking steps to streamline the procedure of granting recognition to its labor union in different industries. District INTTUC President Prabhat Chatterjee said: “There will be one recognized union in a factory. We will not tolerate factions. I know that in many plants in the district, more than one union exists.” Almost all small, medium and large factories in the Durgapur-Asansol industrial hub have multiple trade unions affiliated to INTTUC, creating problems for the managements that are not sure of whom to approach in issues related to production, productivity, salary, bonus, safety, etc.
Industrialists in the region welcomed the move. The Federation of South Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industries general secretary, R.P. Khaitan, said: “We need a peaceful and healthy ambience in factories for better productivity. Incidents such as the one at Jai Balaji are not welcome. It (INTTUC move) will be a relief for us as it is impossible to deal with so many factions of the same union”
Here it must be mentioned that the situation at the Jai Balaji unit is limping back to normal after group joint managing director Rajiv Jajodia’s “peace meeting” with district INTTUC president Chatterjee and Durgapur mayor Apurba Mukherjee yesterday. Everyone of Durgapur is well aware of the fact that Chatterjee and Mukherjee lead the two main INTTUC factions in Durgapur. Now it is to be seen, how these distinguished leaders manage to settle their rivalry and disputes in thebest of the interest of Durgapur and its people.

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