Physically challenged Durgapur mountaineer’s Everest dream faces hurdle

Paresh Chandra Nath – the physically challenged Durgapur mountaineer who is preparing hard to make an attempt of reaching the summit of Mt. Everest may find it impossible to even start for the expedition, because of financial constraints.

Paresh Chandra Nath – the physically challenged mountaineer from Durgapur with an amputated left wrist has plans to set out for the expedition to Mt. Everest on March 26. However with just 24 days to go, he is still short of financial assistance which is so crucial for a man like him who earns his living by tailoring. The cost of the expedition to Mt. Everest is in the range of 16 to 19 lakhs of Indian rupee.

Though the Youth Service department of the Bengal government has handed over a cheque of INR 5 Lakhs as financial assistance for Paresh Chnadra Nath’s Everest expedition, but it’s only about one-third of the expedition cost. The Bengal government’s youth service department, like every year, has provided financial support to as many as nine aspiring Everest climbers. Durgapur’s pride Paresh Chandra Nath is the only physically challenged in the list.

If Paresh Chandra succeeds in reaching the summit of Everest, not only will he be the first physically challenged mountaineer from Bengal to conquer Everest, he will also be the first from Durgapur to climb the summit of Everest. In fact no male Indian with physical disability has reached the top of the world’s highest peak so far. To read the whole story of this incredible Durgapur mountaineer click HERE.

We at Durgapur Adda with our limited ability tried our best to stand up behind the cause of Paresh Chandra Nath. We put up the story of this Durgapur mountaineer Paresh Chandra in our website and even pleaded for financial assistance for this man of determination and courage through our website and through the Durgapuradda Facebook Group. We even went to various business houses and political party leaders to garner support for Paresh Chandra Nath, who is all set to make Durgapur proud in coming days.

The response was much from being termed satisfactory. No business houses of Durgapur have so far agreed to stand by Paresh Chandra Nath for his Everest expedition. Even political leaders have turned blindfolded.

Snap of the article on Paresh Chandra Nath published in Ananda Bazar Patrika

However quite a few people who feels proud to call Durgapur their hometown has come in support of Paresh Chandra for his Everest expedition. Surprisingly, when current residents of Durgapur have still not stood up for this great cause, those Durgapurians who are staying in various parts of the globe have at least tried to stand for the Everest expedition of this Durgapur mountaineer.

But Paresh Chandra is still short of at least five lakhs of rupees to make his dream of reaching the world’s highest mountain peak a reality.

Hope people of Durgapur will not let Paresh Chandra’s dream get shattered. Pleading all the people of Durgapur to come forward in aiding Paresh Chandra Nath in whatever financial assistance they can.

The news of Paresh Chandra Nath appeared in Bengali newspaper Ananda Bazar Patrika. Even Times of India covered the story of this incredible man. To read the article that came up in Ananda Bazar Patrika click HERE.

Here is a guideline for any kind of financial assistance that you can provide Paresh Chandra in realizing his dream of becoming the first physically challenged mountaineer from Bengal to reach the Everest summit.

Please send any contribution to Paresh Chandra Nath’s account at State Bank of India. Here are the necessary details:

A/C Holder: Paresh Chandra Nath
Savings Bank A/c No. : 20083818736
Name & Address of Bank : State Bank of India, A-zone Branch, Durgapur (06151)
PAN No. : AEJPN0688J
Mobile no. : +91-9434250551
Address: Q-110, Sarat Chandra Avenue, B-Zone, Durgapur-713205,
West Bengal,

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