Police beats protesting guardians at HSM School Durgapur

Police beats protesting guardians at Hem Sheel Model School Durgapur

Durgapur News Desk, 08 July 2017: The industrial town of Durgapur, which has in recent time earned the reputation of the most promising educational hub of Bengal witnessed protest agitation by guardians at one of the premier schools of the town yesterday.

Yesterday the Hem Sheela Model School turned into a virtual battle field between police and guardians, after the school principal Arundhuti Hom Chowdhury allegedly called police to control the agitating guardians. The police had to resort to ‘lathi charge’ to remove the agitating guardians who were protesting the fee hike.

Hem Sheela Model School has been in news since the start of this academic session because of unjustified hike in tuition fee and other related issues. This coveted Durgapur school, already having the highest fee structure in the town increased tuition fee by another 15 percent this year. The admission fee was also increased. It also served a notice declaring that from this academic session, the guardians must have to pay three month’s tuition fee in advance; earlier two month’s advance fee were taken. Also those who will default in paying the tuition fee will have to give 500 INR as fine per month.

On 28 April this year, guardians, after repeated failed request to the principal to consider reducing such a steep fee hike, blocked the busy road adjacent to the school. The busy road connecting the Steel Township with the Bidhannagar locality of the town remained blocked for three hours. After Durgapur’s Sub Divisional Officer, Mr. Sankha Santra, assured to look into the matter, the road blockade was lifted.

On 3 May, at the behest of Mr. Santra a tripartite meeting was held between Hem Sheela Model School authority, guardian’s representatives and administration. After the meeting, Mr. Santra briefed the media by saying that both the school authority and the guardians have agreed on some basic points.

Hem Sheela Model School authority agreed that instead of three months, the guardians will have to pay two month’s tuition fee as advance. The school authority has also assured that a fine of 500 INR will be charged, only if there is a late in paying tuition fee, for consecutive two months.

Mr. Santra also said that the school authority will also take a final call about increasing the tuition fee and admission fee after consulting guardians.

But Hem Sheela Model School authority didn’t acted as was announced by Mr. Santra. Trouble started yesterday as the guardians tried to block the school adjacent road protesting the school’s one-sided decisions.

When police objected to such an act of blocking the busy road, the guardians resorted to slogan shouting in front of the school gate. The kindergarten section was over by this time. As there was large gathering and slogan shouting in front of the school gate, so the tiny tots couldn’t come out. At this point time, the police initially tried to remove some of the guardians forcefully. But a section of the guardians protested and there was sense of commotion. The police were seen chasing and beating up some of the protesting guardians. Four guardians were even arrested; they were however released in the evening.

To watch the video of the assault by the police, just click HERE.

Mr. Santra has assured that the matter will be amicably settled soon through discussion.

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