Police to grill Durgapur Steel officials regarding fake job racket

Durgapur Steel Plant main Gate

Asansol Durgapur Police may interrogate some senior officials of SAIL’s Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP) pertaining to the fake job racket operating in the sub-region. A list has already been readied, according to police sources.

Things came to the fore after three final year engineering students from Andhra Pradesh complained to Durgapur police of being duped by a fake job racket with promises for placements at DSP. Police made a breakthrough after they intercepted the kingpin of the racket, Joyprakash Das – a youth operating a placement agency in Rajarhat, Kolkata. Two of his aides, however, fled.

Durgapur Steel Plant Main Entrance Gate

The three youths from Andhra Pradesh, Mohammed Yasin, Manoj Kumar and Chhutan Achhit, as they said, had filed online job applications through a website launched by Das’s agency two months ago. The youths then received phone calls from a person, Joyprakash Das, later identified as a broker from Rajarhat Kolkata. Das had asked for Rs 5 lakh each against assured employment with the DSP. The sum was negotiated later at Rs 4 lakh.

The youths were then asked to pay Rs 80,000 as advance for the job. They were taken into confidence by Das and his placement agency by showing documents having seal and signature of DSP authority. The youths paid Rs 60,000 each as advance money for their ‘jobs’.

The youths alleged that the broker Joyprakash Das started avoiding their phone calls after this. Four days ago, Das called them up and asked them to come to Durgapur. They alleged: “When we arrived at Durgapur, he introduced us to two others, Mr Roy and Mr Mondal introducing them as DSP officers. They also demanded the entire sum but we were suspicious as their behaviour did not suit that of SAIL officials.”

The three youths then reported the matter to the police. At the behest of police the youths called Das at DSP Main gate to give the rest of the money. Police nabbed Joyprakash Das, but two of his aides managed to flee.

More was in store for police. The documents which police recovered from Das stunned them. The documents were bearing the ‘official’ DSP seals.

Mr Sunil Yadav, ADCP, Durgapur (East), said: “For this, we need to examine the matter seriously. We need to talk with the senior officials of DSP’s personnel department. We have informed them too,” he said, adding that they have initiated a hunt for the absconding brokers.

DSP authority, given the recent uproar, is supposed to have held an inter- departmental meeting and according to B R Kanungo, DGM (Communication), DSP: “We have decided to cooperate with the investigating agency to unearth things. We cannot allow youths to be cheated this way anymore.”

However, this is not the first incident of fake job rackets luring youths in the name of giving DSP job have surfaced. Kaushal Kumar from Munger and Manotosh Jha from Jamui -were arrested by police on 29 June 2006, after three youths had complained of being duped by the touts in the name of giving DSP jobs.

Three youths – Umesh Kumar, Ajoy Kumar and Ranjan Roy from Begusarai and Danapur, Bihar- were caught with forged appointment letters on 2 December 2008 and were handed over to police. They had come to join as plant supervisors at DSP. The forged appointment letters were found duly signed by one K B Lal, reportedly a SAIL official.

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