Police recovered large haul of illegal coal near Durgapur

Truck loaded with illegal coal seized near Durgapur

In a meticulously executed operation Durgapur police seized about 230 MT of illegal coal from a depot operating in Kanksa near Durgapur yesterday afternoon. Along with it the police also confiscated detonators, explosives and narcotics from the depot.

The police, acting on a tip-off, raided the depot called ‘Pratisthan’ at Kuldiha village outskirt under Kanksa PS yesterday afternoon area run by Raju Jha – a known coal Mafia this afternoon. Two trucks were seized initially from inside the depot bearing 13 MT illegally procured coal.

The SP, Burdwan, Mr S M H Meerza said: “The trucks were loaded at Jathgoria neighbourhood and after interrogating the drivers we got significant tip-offs about another 214 MT illegally procured coal stacked in different locations and the coal was seized. The said Raju Jha was collecting illegal coal and stacking in that depot.”

Truck loaded with illegal coal seized near Durgapur

He added: “While searching the office rooms our officials, led by the Kanksa OC, Biswajit Mukherjee, also found 350 pieces of detonators and 5 Kgs of explosives used in illegal mining and these were kept concealed in several bags.” The policemen also seized 23 kgs of grass weed (Ganza), a kind of narcotic.

Though the police arrested 10 persons but the kingpin Raju Jha and his aide Partha Chetterjee were at large. One SUV used by the mafia aides in different operations also was seized from the depot.

One might recall that Raju Jha was arrested on 3 July 2011 soon after the change of guard in Bengal from Raniganj and accortding police sources he had left the trade after being released. But, the police was informed recently that he started his business of illegal coal using the depot in Kuldiha.

Many of known business establishment in Durgapur and the surroundings bears the name of Raju Jha as the owner.

The Trinamool Congress-run Asansol-Durgapur Development Authority (ADDA) has ordered a probe into how alleged coal smuggler Raju Jha, who was arrested on 3 July 2011, constructed a parking plaza in a joint venture with the previous CPM-controlled body at City Centre Durgapur. But to the surprise of many nothing transpired from the probe.

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