Poor street road conditions of Durgapur

Though the road conditions of Durgapur and specially of Steel Township has improved drastically over the last few years, but the conditions of most of the street roads have remained pathetic. This has been the cause a number of accidents. After the rainy season the conditions have became more dangerous.

Poor road condition is certainly the major cause of road accidents. For a fast growing city like Durgapur, bad roads are surely a deterrent factor in its growth. Concerned authorities should look into the matter seriously.

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4 Comments on Poor street road conditions of Durgapur

  1. The roads of Durgapur are indeed in a very bad shape. Urgent attention of the state government & municipal corporation is the need of the hour. DMC seems to have gone asleep.

  2. Lots of heavy vechiles like trucks and dumpers run recklesly through the Gurunanak Road of Durgapur Steel Township every day causing danger to the students of Carmel, Pranavananda and D.A.V schools.Therfore it will be better for us if NO-ENTRY during school time is maintained for the heavy vehicles. Concern authorities should take the matter seriously.

    By Mr. B. Chatterjee


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