Poor transport facility after 9 pm in Durgapur

For a fast developing city like Durgapur, public transport system deserves and demands proper attention. Being one of the fastest growing cities of West Bengal, Durgapur needs to upgrade its transport system, specially after 9 pm.

Anyone reaching Durgapur by train after 9 pm has to face a lot of problem in reaching his destination inside the town of Durgapur, whether it is the Steel township or the MAMC township, or ABL township or City Centre or in fact anywhere. Mini buses ceases to ply after 9 pm. This is a major cause of concern and worry. He is left with the only option of hiring a auto rickshaw or a taxi. But the auto drivers or the taxi drivers takes full use of the situation and charges hefty sum.

In this circumstances, there needs to be some kind of pre-paid counters for taxi and auto. Durgapur Municipality Corporation (DMC) should come up with some solution and they should take the initiative to run these pre-paid taxi and auto counters. The fact that DMC is playing a very big and positive role in making Durgapur a better place to live in will be left half done if this transportation problem after 9 pm is not dealt with proper urgency.

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