Post poll clash in Durgapur

After the results of the Durgapur Municipality Corporation election was declared on 5th of June, incidents of political clashes have been reported from various areas of the city. As expected, Trinamool Congress (TMC) has almost sweeped the Durgapur civic body election, but what was not expected was the sudden rise in the number of political clashes.

Clashes in Durgapur after civic poll results

Incidents of TMC supporters taking control of various CPI (M) controlled clubs or party offices of both CPI (M) and Congress or direct clashes between TMC men and cadres of CPI(M) is on the rise in the industrial town of Durgapur. But after last year’s assembly poll and more so after the recent civic poll results, TMC men being bolstered by the win are attacking CPI (M) cadres and supporters.
For years Durgapur has been known as a peaceful place and the citizens of Durgapur are peace loving in general. But the city and its citizen are deeply concerned by the recent spurt in political clashes. CPI(M) leader Comrade Biprendu Chakrobarty and the outgoing Mayor of Durgapur Rathin Roy has urged the local administration to intervene. Even Apurba Mukherjee, the local MLA and the next Mayor of Durgapur has urged for restrain from all corners.

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