Power woes for Industrial units at Durgapur to continue

Durgapur Project Limited

Several factories and industrial units at Durgapur which buys power from the state owned power utility company Durgapur Project Limited (DPL) will most likely face the woes of power cuts for at least three months. These industrial units at Durgapur, most of whom manufacture iron, steel and alloys, have already been forced to either stop or reduce production substantially.

The 132KV cable that was snapped by thieves on Sunday (January 19) will need three “joining kits” that will have to be imported at Rs 8 lakh each. The particular cable that was cut by the thieves used to carry power through one of the two DPL transformers, which bring down the voltage of electricity that is supplied to and from the plant.


According to a senior DPL official, “The 132KVA cable of our 160 MVA transformer was installed in 2006 by the Chinese company, Dongfang. They used a cable manufactured by a Malaysian company. The joining kits are made in Sweden and the US. We need to arrange for Rs 24 lakh to buy the three kits at a time when we are facing a financial crisis. The process could take at least three months.”

Several industrial units at Durgapur have cut down on production because of the intermittent electricity supply.
Haldia Steels Ltd that produces ferro alloys requires 13 MW a day, had to cut down on production since Sunday morning.

After the cable was snapped, DPL had cut down by half the 200 MW it had been buying a day from West Bengal State Electricity Transmission Company Limited as one of the transformers could no longer be used.

Yesterday, DPL increased the amount bought from WBSETCL to 147 MW. DPL used its only other operational transformer to supply the 194 MW to industrial units at Durgapur along with domestic consumers.

DPL sources said the transformer was already taking extra load. The source also reported that power supply to domestic consumers was not affected because the cable running through the other transformer had not been touched.

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