Headmaster of a primary school in Durgapur goes missing

Headmaster of a primary school in Durgapur is missing for the last five days. Mr. Manas Patra a resident of Golf Nagar area of Durgapur is missing from 20th March. Mr. Patra is the headmaster of Hrader Danga Primary school of Laudoha under Faridpur police station of Durgapur.

Golf Nagar area of Durgapur

His wife, Mrs. Pratima Patra has reported the matter to local police on 21st March. The police have recovered the motorcycle of Mr. Patra from the parking area of Deul Park.
On 23rd March, Mrs. Pratima Devi in a written complain informed the police that on 19th March evening, the day before Mr. Patra went missing, two teachers of the school and some local people from the place where the school is met the headmaster. They came in the evening and called Mr. Patra outside his house. They had long hours of chat with the headmaster.
The next day, Mr. Patra went to his school but didn’t return. Wife of the headmaster in her letter expressed her suspect that her husband may have been kidnapped.
Meanwhile, Mr. Jayanta Ruidas, the secretary of the school managing committee, in which Mr. Patra is the headmaster, said that he has got verbal complain from parents of two girl student that Mr. Patra has ill behaved with their wards. He however said, “Mr. Patra has been teaching in the school for several years now and we are all surprised by this allegation against the headmaster whom we knew and considered as a respected gentleman.” Mr. Ruidas further added that no formal complain has been lodged against Mr. Patra.
The police have said that investigation is going on with all urgency.

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