Protest outside DSP Main hospital

Main Hospital premises of Durgapur Steel Plant saw a massive protest and demonstration, yesterday, by the chemists and druggists of the local retail shops that are located outside the hospital compound. In a recent development, the hospital authority of Durgapur Steel Plant took steps to set up a private-run shop inside the hospital compound. The medicines that will not be available in the hospital counter will be supplied to the employees of Durgapur Steel Plant from this shop. Earlier the norms were that, the medicines that were not available in the hospital counter had to be bought by the employee. However the employee got reimbursed on producing the bill.
There are a number of chemist shops outside the hospital premises who thrive by selling medicines that are not available in the hospital counter. These retail shops will die its natural death if private medicine counter inside the hospital premises comes into effect. Employees will be supplied medicines from this private counter free of cost and hence question of buying medicines from the retail shops will not arise. Considering this being a direct hit in their livelihood, the owners and employee staff of the retail medicine shops prevented a truck full of medicine from entering the hospital compound. The truck was carrying medicines for the new private medicine counter, which was due to come in effect from 1st of August. Police had to be called and they effectively controlled the situation. But this protest and demonstration prompted the hospital authority to declare that this private counter will not be started from 1st August, as planned earlier.
Though, apparently the move sounds to be an employee friendly step, but there are certain loop holes as well. The medicines that will not be available in the medicine counter of the hospital will be supplied by the new private counter but on successive day after the slip containing the names of the not available medicines is deposited in the counter. Thus an employee has to go twice in the hospital if medicines are not available in the medicine counter. This will be a toilsome exercise no doubt. Moreover, retired employees of Durgapur Steel Plant who opted for Mediclaim facility will not get any free medicine from this new private counter. There is every possibility that the medicine counter of the hospital will cease to act and retired employees have to burn their pockets.
Under the above circumstances, it is a matter of great interest to see as to how the political parties and trade unions react.

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1 Comment on Protest outside DSP Main hospital

  1. Protest leads to aggression whenever survival is threatened, it destroys relationships ! Everything should be sorted out with peace and patience and love. Healthcare is a huge industry and the priority are the patients ! What is important is that patients should not loose faith, Faith is higher Faculty than Reason !!
    Patients should be provided with safe, effective medicine and nutritious food. Prime importance should be given to Quality Care and efforts should be made to Reduce the hassels of the patients from the time of meeting the Doctor to the receiving of medicines and that will surely raise the community confidence in the services provided by the hospital.


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