Refused in love youth stabbed girl at Andal near Drgapur

A 22 year old youth of Andal near Durgapur stabbed a young girl and her sister on Sunday evening after the girl refused the youth’s proposal of marrying. Both the sisters with multiple injuries had to be admitted to Durgapur Sub Divisional Hospital. Police has arrested the youth.

Andal More near Durgapur

Jiten Bauri, the love-struck youth of Kutirdanga locality in Andal allegedly stabbed the 17 year-old Mampi Bauri and her sister Amrita of the same locality, when the sisters had gone to collect water from a roadside tap in the nearby.

It was learnt that Jiten saw the girls from a distance on Sunday evening, approached them aggressively and expressed his love asking Mampi to marry him. Mampi rejected him and said that she being still in school had no plans to get married, and that she had no feelings for him.

Angered by her response, Jiten took out a dagger kept under the cover of his shirt and allegedly stabbed her repeatedly on her hands and legs. Amrita too was stabbed on her neck and hand when she tried to resist the youth. When the girls screamed locals rushed to the place, and seeing them, Jiten fled.

Jiten however was arrested by the police within an hour from the same locality with charges of attempt to murder (under Section – 307 of the IPC). On being produced in Durgapur court on Monday, Jiten has been sent to 14 days of police custody.

Last year the youth had attacked Mampi’s father Bablu Bauri with a sharp weapon when he had flatly turned down the youth’s proposal to marry his daughter. Mr Bauri said: “The youth had turned my daughter’s life to hell and was constantly disturbing us. Last year I had intimated the matter to police after he had attacked me.”

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