Repeated incidents of theft at Gopalmath Durgapur

Incidents of theft in Gopalmath locality of Durgapur

Repeated incidents of theft in Gopalmath locality of Durgapur has led to protest by the local residents. Locals of Gopalmath has demanded immediate arrest of the culprits and setting up of a police station in Gopalmath.

Gopalmath – a ward under Durgapur Municipality Corporation (DMC) has witnessed four incidents of theft in last 15 to
20 days. Two of the incidents of theft occurred in the Baganpara area, while the other two incidents occurred in Hariharpara and Mahamaya Nagar locality of Gopalmath.

Incidents of theft in Gopalmath locality of Durgapur

Gopalmath Durgapur Trinamool councilor, Mayor in-Council of DMC and the INTTUC Burdwan district president, Mr. Prabhat Chatterjee expressed his concern over this repeated incidents of theft in his ward. He said that Gopalmath never witnessed this kind of incidents in the past. He asked the police to take all possible steps to nab the thieves at the earliest.

All the four incidents of theft at Gopalmath Durgapur occurred in the evening hours before 8 pm. The last of the incidents took place at Mahamaya Nagar area at around 7 in the evening on Wednesday (19 March). The thieves took away cash, ornaments and other valuables. Immediately after this incident at Mahamaya Nagar on Wednesday, ADCP (EAST) Mr. Sunil Yadav reached the place of robbery and assured of arresting the thieves early.

Gopalmath, with a population of about 30,000 people is at one end of the DMC area. Residents of Gopalmath have called for a stricter vigil by the police. They univocally expressed their anguish over the incidents. As the nearby police station is at Main Gate area, which is at a distance from Gopalmath, so the locals have demanded the setting up of a police station in the locality.

Durgapur (East) MLA, Dr. Nikhil Banerjee who is also the Chairman of Asansol Durgapur Development Authority (ADDA) is also a resident of Durgapur’s Gopalmath locality.

This repeated incidents of theft points to the condition of law and order in Durgapur.

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