Residents of Durgapur’s MAMC township complaints of child trafficking

Local residents of MAMC Township in Durgapur lodged a unique police complaint on Monday and went a step further on Tuesday, seeking intervention of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Durgapur.

MAMC Entry Gate

Residents of MAMC Township, the closed Central PSU colony (also known as Viswakarma Nagar) sought the intervention of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate after a young unmarried housemaid conceived thrice in last five years and the newborns went missing every time.

Residents of Viswakarma Nagar earlier went to the New Township police station on Monday demanding arrest of Mr. Udit Sarkar, a tenant residing in the quarters of the erstwhile Mining & Allied Machinery Corporation colony.

Residents of the township complained that Mr. Sarkar has been exploiting the housemaid for years, as a result of which she conceived at least three times. They further added by saying, that the person has an ulterior motive and demanded his immediate arrest. On Tuesday the residents complained to the SDM, Durgapur.

The 24-year-old housemaid delivered a girl child last Sunday at the Durgapur SD Hospital. But on Monday the mother and the baby vanished suspiciously. Mr. Roy, one of the local residents and a neighbour of Mr. Udit Sarkar said: “This has become a common feature in the past five years and we suspect that the woman is involved in a child-selling racket and Mr. Sarkar is also involved in it.”

Mr. Sarkar, an employee with a private company here, however, denied the charges. He said: “It is equally surprising to me how this is happening. I have asked her mother to take her back to Burdwan’s Sudderghat locality.” He however refused to comment on his relationship with the housemaid.

Mr. Sunil Yadav, ADCP (East), said: “We are investigating the matter.”

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