Road accident on NH2 kills DSP employee and family

Four members of a Durgapur family were killed in a tragic car accident at Budbud in Bardhaman district on Monday (December 16) afternoon. Condition of the only surviving member, a teen-aged girl, is said to be critical.

The fatal accident took place at 4 pm on Monday, when the car they were travelling rammed into the rear of a trailer parked along NH2 near the Kota More under Budbud PS, some 20 Km from Durgapur. While Biswajit Shyam – an employee of Durgapur Steel Plant (DSP), his wife, son and cousin brother died in the accident, his daughter was rushed to Burdwan Medical College in a critical condition. Latar in the evening as the condition of the girl deteriorated, she was moved to Kolkata.

The Shyam family, who hails from Gopalpur in Durgapur, was returning home from one of their relative’s home at ‘Bhurigram’ in Galsi. Biswajit Shyam (44), a senior technician at DSP was himself driving the car. His wife Tandra (32) was beside him in the front seat. Cousin Brother Shoumyojit (18) was in the rear seat along with Biswajit’s son Shivam (8) and daughter Sneha (14). Shoumyojit is a first year engineering student.

The Maruti Alto in which the Shyam family was travelling, lost control near the Kota More and hit a 10 wheel trailer, which was illegally parked beside the NH2. People rushed to help. As the car got mangled after the accident, the bodies could be recovered only after cutting portions of the car into pieces with the help of gas cutter. However, Sneha, the daughter of Biswajit who was still alive was taken out and sent to Burdwan Medical College.

The tragic incident shook the residents of Gopalpur village. Colleagues of Biswajit Shyam at DSP were taken aback by the heartrending incident. Biswajit, in his 40’s was working at the BOF department of DSP and was quite popular among his colleagues for his humble and smiling attitude.

How the car lost control in an almost empty road remains a mystery to the police and those present on the roadside. But people have started voicing their concern about the way in which the trailer was illegally parked beside the road. Regular drivers who use the NH2 between Durgapur and Kolkata have complained about this kind of illegal parking. Police said that they have started taking action against such unauthorized parking.

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