Road safety week celebrated in Durgapur

Like every year, this year too Road Safety Week has been observed in Durgapur. Being one of the fastest growing cities of India, Durgapur has been flooded with two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles in the last two to three years. Most of Durgapurians are hardly aware of road safety, traffic rules and its importance. But with the recent spurt in the number of vehicles plying in the road, Durgapur has witnessed a steep rise in the number of road accidents in recent years.
Automobile Association of Eastern India’s Durgapur Chapter took the initiative to make the people of Durgapur conscious about the need of road safety and how to practice it. Durgapurians were made aware that road safety is not only about walking on the left side of road but something much more than that.
Using a crash helmet for both the riders while riding a two-wheeler, fastening seat belt while driving a four-wheeler, crossing a road properly are some of the aspects about which Durgapurians were given a lesson. Automobile Association organized a road show at five road junction near Prantika and made every people passing through the area aware of the needs of road safety.

This timely initiative by the association is something to be applauded. The endeavor will definitely pay off if the number of road accidents cases reduces.

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