SBSTC plans e-ticketing facility for Durgapur-Kolkata buses

durgapur-kolkata buses

South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC) is mulling the idea of introducing the facility of e-ticket (abbreviation of electronic ticket) in the Durgapur-Kolkata route. The step aims at bringing transparency in the system and prioritizing hassle free travelling.

Though many states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and others have already introduced e-ticket for travelling in state transport buses and are successfully running the facility for several years, SBSTC under West Bengal Government is still working on the idea.

durgapur-kolkata buses

Mr. Tamonash Ghosh, chairman of SBSTC has informed that in the first phase e-ticketing facility will be introduced in Bardhaman-Kolkata route and if the scheme gets success, it will be introduced in Durgapur-Kolkata route and subsequently in Asansol-Kolkata route as well.

Senior officials of SBSTC in Durgapur said that the project may start within next two months.

SBSTC first initiated the idea of introducing e-ticketing facility a year ago to control the increasing menace of touts and a section of its own staffs.

Several times in the past, SBSTC officials have got complain from ordinary men that artificial demand is created by the staffs of SBSTC in collusion with touts and tickets are sold at higher prices. Even many have complained that bus conductors in SBSTC buses plying in the Durgapur-Kolkata route encourages ticket-less travelling.

However some senior officials have expressed their reservation on success of the e-ticketing facility as the conditions of buses under SBSTC are mostly in a sorry state and buses getting cancelled are quite frequent. On conditions of anonymity, they said that steps aimed at increasing passenger comfort may turn into an uncomfortable and harassing experience if cancellation of buses can’t be stopped.

So the success of electronic ticketing (e-ticket) that allows your entire travel experience to be easy, safe and electronic will depend much on proper planning and achieving a near zero cancellation rate for buses.

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