Schoolgirl stabbed by frustrated lover in Jamuria near Asansol

A 14-year old schoolgirl was stabbed repeatedly yesterday, as she tried to resist molestation in Jamuria, near Asansol. The Class VIII girl was allegedly stabbed nine times by her jilted lover. The victim was initially rushed to Bahadarpur Primary Health Centre, but she was shifted to Asansol Sub Divisional Hospital. Latar in the day as her condition deteriorated, she has been admitted in a private hospital in Durgapur.

Mother of the stabbed girl speaking to the media in Asansol

It is learnt from police that the class VIII was returning home after her morning stroll with her grandmother at 6.30 am when the accused youth, Sudhir Ram, passed lewd comments.

The girl’s grandmother said: “When she protested the comments Sudhir made and told him to stop irritating her, he pounced and tried to drag her by the kameez. She started shouting. Sudhir then took out a knife and stabbed her.”
The 65-year old lady said she tried to resist Sudhir’s attempt to drag her granddaughter away but failed to stop him. “The youth pushed me to the ground and stabbed my granddaughter,” she sobbed.

As the girl slumped to the ground, the youth fled. As there were no people on the road where the girl was stabbed, her grandmother walked around crying for help, while the girl lay bleeding on the road. People in the neighbourhood rushed to the spot and took the girl to the nearby Bahadurpur primary health centre.

The 22-year-old accused, Sudhir Ram, later went to the health centre where the girl had been taken to initially and threatened to kill her if she named him before police. At the health centre, the girl’s relatives and neighbours chased Sudhir but he escaped.

Later, she was moved to Asansol Sub Divisional Hospital with at least nine stab injuries, several of which were on her head and face as well as on her chest and back.

The girl received multiple stitches. She is in a serious condition. We have kept her under observation and if required we may send her to “Burdwan Medical College Hospital,” said Nikhilesh Das, the hospital superintendent in Asansol.

The girl’s father, a factory labourer alleged that Sudhir, an uemployed youth of the locality had been “irritating” her daughter for the past few weeks saying he wanted to marry her.

“Sudhir had been following my daughter to school over the past few weeks. He often made indecent comments and teased her. He had proposed marriage to my daughter several times but she declined. I had even informed Sudhir’s father about this. But the youth continued to harass my daughter,” the girl’s father said.

“The girl turned down the youth’s proposal several times. Repeated refusals led the youth to attack the girl. He’s absconding at present, but we are trying our best to trace him down and is hopeful of arresting him soon,” said Asansol Durgapur Police Commissionerate ADCP (central) Suresh Kumar.

The incident once again points to the sorry state of law and order in the Durgapur-Asansol industrial belt.

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