Shale gas reserve at Durgapur

Durgapur steel city

An unlimited reserve of Shale Gas has been found at Sarpi on the outskirts of Durgapur. ONGC scientists were drilling the region for such gas for quite some time now and this discovery is believed to be the largest shale gas reserve in Asia. Durgapur – one of the fastest growing cities of India will certainly get an effective booster dose for rapid growth. The socio-economic scenario of the region will change fast and being located in the outskirts of Durgapur, the growth and development of the Steel City of Durgapur will be both from inside and outside as well.
Shale gas is touted as a low-cost, eco-friendly fuel of the future which when burnt emits half the amount of Carbon as compared to coal. Like CNG, shale gas can power automobiles at a much lower cost and can also be effectively used in manufacturing and chemical industries.
On Wednesday (03rd February), Mr. R.S. Sharma, CMD of ONGC is likely to submit a report on the discovery to Prime Minister Dr. Manomahon Singh. Scientists at ONGC believes that this discover of Shale gas at Sarpi near Durgapur, could well be the answer to India’s pursuit of green energy.

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