Sitaram Yechury addressed election rally in Durgapur

CPI(M) politburo member and the Parliamentary group leader of the party, Mr Sitaram Yechury was at Durgapur yesterday (27 April) campaigning for the LF candidate of Bardhaman-Durgapur Lok Sabha constituency. He delivered at a public meeting in the worker’s colony of the closed Mining & Allied Machinery Corporation in Durgapur.

Mr Sitaram Yechury, a prominent face of the party spoke in his customary elaborative style. He has been campaigning for the LF candidates in Birbhum and Bardhaman districts since 26 April and stayed back in Durgapur on Saturday night.
While addressing a press conference at private lodge in Durgapur’s City Centre yesterday, Mr. Yechury said: “The Congress, as the present political consequences are leading to, is apprehending a debacle in this year’s general election and so is offering to extend support to the Third Front now”.

Mr Yechury’s reaction came on the very next day after External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, while addressing media in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh opened up a fresh avenue saying: “After poll results, if necessary the Congress could consider extending support even to the Third Front to form the government. Not only could this, taking support from the Third Front will also be considered.”

Sitaram Yechury addressing a public meeting in Durgapur

Mr Yechury said: “From what Mr Khurshid has started looking for, is that that they are also appreciating the definite prospect of a Third Front government at the Centre and the purpose is to debar the BJP-led government at the Centre.” But, he said, “Whether or not allowing them to support to the Third Front is absolutely at par with the discretion of the Third Front’s basic constituents.”

Mr. Yeschry however was highly critical in his speech in MAMC Colony of Durgapur about Congress, BJP and Trinamool Congress. He called upon the people to strengthen the Left parties in order to ensure the establishment of a genuine alternative formation at the centre that will implement pro-people policies.

Mr Yechury said: “The UPA-II had massacred by exempting the tax liability of the rich businessmen and foreign investors worth Rs 5 lakh crore. We have ridiculed the idea.” Rather he insisted: “We have got ample domestic resources which can be utilised to help a better turnaround offering most possible relief to the common people.”

Mr. Sitaram Yechury, a first class, in Economics, from Jawaharlal Nehru University criticized the much hyped ‘Gujarat Model’ of development saying: “Mr Modi’s Gujarat topped in the list of offering concession to the industrialists but ranked sixth from the bottom in question of Human Resource Development, which explains his so called ‘success’ in that state.” In addition, Mr Yachury blamed Mr Narendra Modi for injuring Gujarat’s exchequer by pouring in 60 per cent concession against sale of each Nano car, and this signifies why the industrial giants like the Tatas, the Ambanis are now exploiting all possible routes to make him the Prime Minister.

Mr Yechury, a Politburo member of the CPI(M) since 1992 had a dig at the Trinamool Congress supremo Miss Mamata Banerjee saying: “The TMC will have no hesitation to get closer to NDA as the party has distinctive track record of doing so in past. What we can understand, she is doing this ‘drama’ to woo the minority voters for whom she has got no room actually. He reminded that even after the Gujarat massacre Miss Mamata Banerjee didn’t hesitate to ally with the BJP”.

In the press conference when the CPI(M) leader was asked to name the possible Third Front Prime Minister, Mr Yachuri said: “We never projected any Prime Ministerial candidate and this will be selected only after the post-poll situation leads to this.”

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  1. Its only the LEFT who is capable of echoing the voice of the people in Parliament.


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