Six accused in the Kanksa school death case granted bail

All the six accused in the Kanksa school food poisoning case has been granted bail after they surrendered before the court yesterday. District police of Bardhaman have on Monday issued warrants against six persons, in connection with the incident of death of a class III student of a residential school in Kanksa near Durgapur and the illness of 56 others.

Court Complex at City Centre of Durgapur

All the six persons of the NGO Bikalpa were accused of negligence causing death of a student and illness to 56 others, surrendered at the ACJM Court in Durgapur yesterday. The six accused include, Mr. Parashnath Tiwari, secretary of Bikalpa, governing body member of the NGO, Mr. Kabilal Maddi, principal of the residential tribal school Mrs. Susmita Pathak and three cooks.
At the behest of state minister for Backward Classes Welfare department, Dr Upen Biswas, rushed to the school on Sunday, the after the incident, and tip-off from senior health department officials, warrants were issued bringing charges of negligence causing death to common persons [under Sections 304 (4), 337 and 34 of the IPC].
Mr. Tiwari, secretary of Bikalpa and CPI (M) district committee member alleged that the charges against them were politically-motivated. He said: “The death and illness were an accident and there was no ulterior motive behind this. The Trinamool Congress is playing a trick. “The Trinamool Congress, meanwhile, has alleged that Bikalpa’s mishandling of the situation invited the crisis.
Mr. Apurba Mukherjee, district president, Trinamool Congress, said: “They have been looting government funds depriving minor schoolchildren and we have protested against this.”
32 ill students were released on Monday and except two all the other were released yesterday. Conditions of the two who are still in sub-divisional hospital is said to be normal.

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