Son spends three days with dead mother in Durgapur

The house from where the Indradeep was found with the dead and decomposed body of his mother Sunanda Nandi

Durgapur News Desk, 10 September 2017: The residents of the industrial town of Durgapur got a jolt on hearing repetition of the ill-famous Robinson Street incident.

On Friday (8 September) morning, residents of the Rabindra Nagar colony in Durgapur noticed extreme foul smell emanating from the rented apartment of Pranab Sarkar where mother-son duo of Sunanda Nandi (72) and Indradeep Nandi (33) use to stay.

The locals along with police rushed to the apartment in the first floor only to found the decomposed body of Indradeep’s mother Sunanda Nandi lying in a bed.

Inquiry revealed that Indradeep was having some serious neurological problem and he could not understand that his mother had passed away.

“My mother was not talking to me for the last three days. I thought she is sleeping and I didn’t disturb her,” Indradeep told police.

He said, “I cooked food for her, but she didn’t eat anything in the last three days. I thought she was sleeping, and I also used to sleep in the same bed with my mother.”

His sister-in-law, Mukta Nandi, and his brother, Indraneel, live in the same locality. They confirmed to police that Indradeep was having some mental issue, and therefore, it was possible for him not to understand that the mother had died.

Her body was sent for the post mortem and Indradeep was sent to a Psychiatrist for a preliminary health check-up.
Yesterday evening, the badly decomposed body of Sunanda Nandi was exhumed in the Birvanpur Crematorium near Durgapur Barrage.

One might remember that such an incident happened in Kolkata in June 2015. Partha De was found living in his ancestral mansion in the posh south Kolkata’s 3-Robinson Street with the skeleton of his dead sister and the remains of two pet dogs. The matter came to light after flames were observed from the bathroom where the charred body of Partha’s father was recovered.

Partha was also suffering from some mental problem, and after the incident, he moved to another house in Kolkata’s Port area. A few months later, he was also found dead in his apartment.

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