Three CPM men arrested in Durgapur without informing family

Aurobindo Police Station Durgapur

A domestic help in Durgapur has accused police of arresting her husband and two sons from home without informing her, rather misleading her by saying that the injured three are being taken to Durgapur sub-divisional hospital.

Uma Bauri in Durgapur

Uma Bauri, 45, alleged that her husband Baneswar, 50, a mason, and her three sons were attacked with choppers and sticks by seven Trinamool supporters on Holi (March 27) as the family is a CPM loyalist. While Naru, the eldest son who is also a mason, is still in hospital, Baneswar, Bhairab and the youngest son, a Class VII student, were released after treatment. She had lodged an FIR against seven Trinamool supporters, following which three were arrested.
Rekha Hazra, the wife of one of the arrested Trinamool supporters, had lodged a counter-complaint accusing CPM local committee secretary Pankaj Roy Sarkar and a few others of attacking Trinamool supporters. However, the complain does not bear the names of any of the Bauri family. Uma Bauri has alleged that her husband Baneswar and two of her three sons were arrested on March 28, even though their names don’t figure on the FIR lodged by the wife of one of the arrested Trinamool worker.
“My husband and two sons were resting at home when some policemen and local Trinamool workers came on Thursday. I told them that they were injured. When I demanded to know on what ground they would be arrested, the police told me that they would take my husband and sons to Durgapur sub-divisional hospital,” Uma said.
But when Uma went to the hospital on Thursday evening, she did not find her husband and sons. “Only Naru was there. I became worried and went to New Township police station. The police refused to speak to me,” she said.
Yesterday morning, Uma came to know from local CPM workers that the three had been arrested and sent to jail custody. “I came to know that my husband and sons were arrested on the false charge of beating up Trinamool supporters. Had the police informed me about the arrests, I could have appointed a lawyer and moved a bail plea. I don’t know why the police kept me in the dark,” she said.
A senior criminal lawyer at Durgapur court, Gagan Chandra Ghosh, said it was compulsory for the police to inform close relatives before a person is arrested and record their signatures with address details in the arrest memo. “If this is not done, a person can lodge a complaint with senior police officers or a court against the investigating officer,” he said.
S.S. Murugan, the assistant commissioner of police (east), said: “I will inquire into why Baneswar’s family members were not informed of the arrest. It is mandatory for the police to do so.”
Dipankar Laha, a local Trinamool councillor, said: “The police can arrest anybody during investigation if they feel it necessary. The CPM is trying to cook up a story.”

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