TMC supporters ransack CITU Durgapur Steel union office

TMC flag being hoisted by the party's supporters after they ransacked and took control of the CITU office in Durgapur Steel Township

Durgapur News Desk, 07 August 2017: With just five days to go for the Durgapur Municipality Corporation election, the Steel Township of Durgapur witnessed unprecedented muscle flexing by Trinamul Congress supporters today.

A bunch of Trinamul activists attacked and virtually took control of the historic Hindustan Steel Employees Union (HSEU) office at 1 No. Vidyasagar Avenue of the B-Zone locality in Durgapur Steel Township. They uprooted and tore apart the Red flag of the CITU affiliated workers union and hoisted Trinamul flag in its place.

The caretaker of the union office was alone in the office at that time as majority of the Left trade union supporters and leaders left for Delhi today to attend a mass protest rally there, with the demand of saving the Alloy Steels Plant of Durgapur.

It has been alleged that the Trinamul activists  took away furniture from the HSEU office and also destroyed mementos and photographs.

CITU affiliated HSEU joint secretary Sourav Dutta in a written statement pointed out that this attack on labour union office at a time when the working class of Durgapur is battling against centre’s anti-labour policies and are on the way to the national capital to attend a rally as a part of save Alloy Steel Plant of Durgapur campaign, clearly shows the anti-labour nature of both Union and State government and their underlying nexus.

HSEU leaders alleged that the act of vandalism has been carried out from the recently occupied TMC election office at 20 No. Vidyasagar Avenue, just opposite the HSEU office.

TMC leader in-charge of the said election office of the party, which has been setup considering the upcoming Durgapur civic poll, scheduled to be held on 13 August 2017, Sujit Mukherje however denied all the allegations and said that it is merely a theatrical act to draw public sympathy. He went on to say that HSEU supporters has done it on their own.

One might remember that the run-up to this year’s Durgapur civic poll have been murkier ever before. There has been several alleged incidents of violence and muscle flexing by the ruling party supporters.

After losing both the assembly seats of Durgapur  in last year’s assembly poll, TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee has given special responsibility to Asansol Mayor Jitendra Tewary and labour minister Moloy Ghatak to make it 43-0 in this civic poll.

Asansol mayor has not only been seen to campaign for TMC candidates but has been staying here for the last few days and keeping no stone unturned to ensure emphatic win for his party candidates.

This act of vandalizing the CITU office is seen as an effort of creating an atmosphere of terror so as to suppress public opinion through poll, feels many senior CPI(M) leaders of the town.

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